Artist Residencies

Artist-in-Residence Opportunities

From stage to school — Excite your students and deepen their practice of the joy of the spoken word. Kids stand tall and tell!

Mary Jo Delivers the Wow Factor

Get the Shows That Get the Raves

Think kids have short attention spans? Think again! Experience the power of “once upon a time” to enthrall, entertain and educate.

Girl dressed as the sun during the show Sun, Moon, Stars, Shine

Summer Reading Club

Einstein’s Favorite Fairy Tales–Fairy Tales & Science for Fizz! Boom! Read!  

Cabaret singing songs from the Great American Songbook

Cabaret Concerts

A Moveable Feast of Songs from the Great American Songbook with Bob Shepherd on piano.

Teachers Pretend They Are Cats

Parents, Families & Teachers Learn Literacy Techniques

Grown-ups learn from playing with story–move like a cat, practice an origami story, try on funny voices–all in service of literacy.  



Tell It! Sing It! Move It! Play It!–A Multiple Performing Arts Approach to Oral Literacy.


Fall & Winter Shows

Howlarious Halloween, Native American, King Frost & more


MJ’s programs serve learning standards — Literacy, Learning & Story Power

About Mary Jo

What 2 national awards, 3,000 shows, a heart full of song & story mean for you?


Remember joyful learning? Bring home BIG benefits for teachers & students