Mary Jo Delivers the Wow Factor Girl dressed as the sun during the show Sun, Moon, Stars, Shine Teachers Pretend They Are Cats

Think kids have short attention spans? Think again! Experience the power of “once upon a time” to enthrall, entertain and educate.

Kids love acting out Robert Munsch’s The Paperbag Princess

From Stage Door to Classroom Floor–Put Creativity & Fun Back into Learning & Teaching

Ask about funding MCC STARS residencies for Oral Literacy & STEM to STEAM with “Scratch” Computer Animation. Also “Act It! Tell It! Dance It!” workshops and residencies for all ages. Students participate in world folktales by all performing arts activities. Learn and understand narratives from the inside out, play the part of a fox or crow; do a Caribbean folk dance with rhymes, creative movement and laughs galore; improvise animal character voices, speak through innovative puppets; sing the Alligator Stomp or Atomic Bop; don costumes and be a skinny horse; along the way, learn logical thinking, clear speaking, build listening and attention skills, appreciate characters, values and stories from different cultures, work the imagination. Put fun into teaching and learning and watch how fast kids and teachers get engaged. Amazing. Teachers constantly tell me, “This is what we should be doing. Kids are learning and they are loving the playful fun. They pay attention for the whole time.”

“Mary Jo is definitely a master teaching artist.”–Diane Daily, Creative Youth Development, Programs Manager, Massachusetts Cultural Council

   The first grade students benefited from this program by having the
opportunity to be front and center and overcome any fears of being on
stage. Also the ability to be creative and make their part their own
was great for my students to experience.–Katie Rorrio, 1st grade teacher, St. Stanislaus, Chicopee, MA
“Watch Mary Jo read her audience and adjust to it.” Jean Canosa-Albano, Library Director, Springfield City Library
“Masterful” –Ann Shapiro, Ex. Director, CT Storytelling Center


All Together Now…Choose a “Happier Together” mix of interactive folktales, tunes for family fun; a singalong called “Lift Every Voice & Sing,” a storytelling workshop (any age, includes how to use your voice, use a microphone, stage basics & more)…See the Show Guide.

A Moveable Feast of Songs from the Great American Songbook
Hear the difference when a storyteller sings–

Participants play with folktales they can tell the very next day, helping kids love language, and building kids’ social-emotional skills. Teachers love using their creativity.Teachers Pretend They Are Cats

Put joy in teaching and learning!