Contact NOW for LCC Grants in Massachusetts

13 Rockland MA Senior Center Cabaret w/Bob Shepherd* 12:45 pm
15 Begin 6-session fall residency, Balliet School, Springfield, MA generously funded by John Ernst, Financial, East Longmeadow, MA
19 Wolf Swamp School, Longmeadow MA Mother Goose
20 Florida MA Folktales for Seniors at Senior Center
21 Ludlow Boys and Girls Club/Mother Goose Randall Community Center*
22 Balliet School
25 Huntington Library MA Fairy House Craft 6-7 pm register at library
26 Holyoke Library Cabaret* 6-7 pm with Bob Shepherd
28 Merriam Gilbert Library Cabaret, W. Brookfield, MA 6:30-7:30 pm*
29 Balliet School

6 Balliet School as above

12 Balliet School as above
13 Balliet School final
17 West Springfield MA Library Weird, Wild and Creepy Tales for Teens
20 Saratoga Springs, NY Howlarious Halloween
25 Ludlow MA Boys and Girls Club Halloween tales 4 pm*

3 Hartland School Mother Goose CT
6 Griswold School CT Mother Goose
9 Lakeville MA Lib Cabaret with Bob Shepherd*
13 Killingly CT and Goodyear ECC/CSC

14 Rockland MA cabaret 12:45-1:45 pm*
20 Killingly CT preschool
21 Chamberlain School New Britain
22 Mitteneague School Westfield MA Thanksgiving celebration
30 Rowe MA Elementary School Canada artist/residency

4 Chamberlain School New Britain/CSC
6, 13 and 20 Begin St. Joan of Arc STARS Residency in Storytelling, 5, 6, 7 graders*
7 Rowe residency
14 Rowe residency and evening finale: Canada/festival in stories, song, art


* Denotes Mass. Cultural Council support: Thank you! And thank you to our legislators who overrode our governor’s veto of funding of the MCC. Bravi!


*This program is supported in part by (name of town) Cultural Council, a local agency, supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.