Summer Shows

Check out the Show Guide from the Home page for many themes to fit your library’s needs,  for all ages, all year round. Scroll down for adult programs, too. NEW SHOWS FOR EVERY SUMMER THEME

Three new shows for 2018’s theme of music, and all from the show guide, should you go “rogue”–
2018 Musical Made by Your Audience in the Moment–“Tiger Dances to Turtle’s Tune” with big, beautiful headdresses, audience kids singing and dancing, lots of delightful tunes with tales and tales with tunes…

OR “The More We Get Together” Campfire-style Singalong for Families (aka “On Top of Spaghetti”)

OR NEW TEEN (or KIDS’) Stage Presence Workshop! Cool and Empowering, Fun–learn how to stand, walk, bow, use a mic and more so you can “OWN ANY ROOM.” (Adults, too.)

AND Adults: Traveling Cabaret to Rock your House (scroll down)

See Show Guide for details, or email Phone: 413-532-3667. Mary Jo will write you an LCC grant in Mass. Deadline is Oct. 15th, so contact MJ now or asap, please.

Mary Jo Maichack is the great niece of Vaudevillian, Annette Dare

Mary Jo Maichack is the great niece of Vaudevillian, Annette Dare


The Little White House Cabaret Show

Turn your room into a cabaret. It’s easy and patrons love it! As seen at Cranwell Resort, Colonial Theatre, Mission Bar & Tapas, Loomis Village, Lakeville, Southwick, Palmer & Norton MA Libraries, Nantucket Yacht Club, retirement communities…. See cabaret page for video samples. (We bring keyboard and turn your room into an intimate cabaret-style concert.) This is a very special program.

Lakeville Arts Council collaborated with the Lakeville Library and turned their room into a cabaret with black table cloths, mocktails named after local points of interest (“Betty’s Neck-tar”), and their patrons sipped by candlelight. Nantucket used the cabaret as their most successful fundraiser. Ask for the brochure (hard copy or via email).

Check out all the shows on the SHOW GUIDE page.

Ask for beautiful, professional fliers and press releases to save you time and garner a bigger audience.

 2017 was a ball with Fairy House Craft and the House that Jack Built. 2016 This A-Way, Mezudio was Fun, Fun, Fun!We danced to folksongs from around the world. Highlights include the grandmother who rocked with an African percussion shaker and curtsied in action wear,  two women from Nigeria who lit up when they recognized a dance (“Brown Girl in the Ring”) from their childhoods and moved and sang with inspiration, rooms full of all ages playing games and getting to know each other in a satisfying, old-fashioned way. No need for electronics, parents–just throw a large cloth into the room and watch the kids’ imaginations take over. You’ll be amazed. Preschoolers Love to Move–and They Dance, Do Handplay and more in MJ’s Preschool Palooza

 Find more reviews on the review page: Hi Mary Jo, A note to say thank you for a very successful performance and kick off celebration to Dream Big-READ.  You were a great start to our summer reading program.  I enjoyed your performance as well as the children did.  You were splendid to work with!! Regards, Bernadette (West Haven, CT Library)



“Kudos on a lively performance! The children loved the participation opportunities and your upbeat personality. I highly recommend you.”–Yvonne Coleman, Winchester MA Library

Pictured left: a typical act-it-out story, with musical refrain for the audience as chorus. Everyone comes alive when volunteers come to the stage in this managed improv.