Catholic Schools

You possess a great rapport with your audiences. You’re entertaining, knowledgeable and enjoyable. Getting the students involved with our stories creates such enthusiasm with the audience. They love to watch their peers actively participate, especially outfitted in such creative masks. I highly recommend this program to other schools.
—  Mary Elias, VP St. Michael’s School, Lowell MA

Dear Catholic school friend,

I have a new show for 2012’s Catholic Schools Week, Jan. 28-Feb. 3: “A Drop of Honey.” It features tales, tunes, dance and student volunteers in hilarious and wonderful costumes, acting out a folktale. It honors the theme of faith, academics and service and is just plain fun. Here’s the scoop:

Bring joy to your students & teachers with this fun variety show that engages all in the greatness of helping others–as FELT in wonderful old stories & songs, with kids singing, dancing,even acting in costume. I LOVE performing in Catholic Schools. Kids hold the door. I’m treated with love & respect.  And many Catholic Schools have invited me back each year! I am grateful.

I’ll work with your budget. Call now to book the few available dates for your school. Lots of cherished Catholic School references!

Multi-show discounts.  Age-appropriate, from little ones to thoughtful 8th graders.  You’ll be charmed that these old entertainments still enthrall our dear media-soaked kids of today–promise.  413-532-3667

“Having two shows was the perfect way to reach students from grades Prek-8 with age-appropriate activities. Your enthusiastic approach and interaction with the audience…provided a delightful presentation….[that] incorporate language and communications skills, encourage creativity and build school spirit….[It] was the highlight of Catholic Schools Week here. We can’t wait to invite Mary Jo back to our school.” –Karen Shea, Assistant principal, St. Stanislaus, Chicopee, MA

The children in the photograph are reacting to my telling of an American tall tale about a giant named Billy Bally Bully, as part of the 2010 show. The Bishop & staff invited me two years in a row.

The same thing happened with St. Stanislaus School in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Ask Karen Shea, vice principal, and Julie Morin at St. Bernadette’s in Northboro, Mass. And Donna Giulani at St. Pete’s Central Catholic in Worcester, who has booked Mary Jo four times for different shows.

After twenty years of loving performing in schools, libraries and at festivals, I want to perform more and more in Catholic Schools–

The atmosphere of loving kindness that is especially strong at Catholic Schools makes me feel safe and giving, and enables me to do my best work. (Non-Catholic schools, I still love you!)

I hope you will contact me and my references to see what a fine and educational time could lie ahead in our collaboration, for Catholic Schools Week, or anytime. I look forward to hearing from you!

St. Joseph Schoolchildren