Preschool Palooza & Mother Goose

Awesome Mother Goose in Person

Awesome Mother Goose in Person

“We didn’t want you to leave.”

“Thank you so much for a delightful program on Saturday. Yes, they were little, but they had a great time and you were wonderfully patient and skilled at keeping them interested and involved. I do love the rabbit story, and the masks and the volunteer thespians were great fun. Thanks again for coming to Mansfield (CT)!” –Judy Stoughton, Children’s Librarian

 Awesome Mother Goose in Person comes to you with Tillie the Goose (see home page), a beautiful, large rod puppet, more puppets from the rhymes, including the Cow that Quacks, Jack & Jill, rhymes, songs, dances with ukulele accompaniment. It’s language fun with movement and the rhythm and beauty of language. “We didn’t want you to leave,” said teacher Ronnie Alicata of Hartland School.

Mary Jo has worked closely with tens of thousands of them, bringing the stories just right for them. Featured regular roster artist for Connecticut Storytelling Center’s “Littlest Listeners” storytelling and literacy program.

Building on their prior knowledge, MJ understands their hearts and point of view and has a vast repertoire for them.

She sings, plays guitar, invites them to move, chant and wiggle, and has superb crowd management skills, so things stay pleasantly–well, managed. The kids find MJ very funny, and she is ever so gentle with their tender hearts.

You’ll be amazed, though, at how long the little ones simply sit still for a storyteller as seasoned as this. MJ is an expert at keeping their attention, and refreshing it with stories to look at–engaging all their senses for a loving literacy learning experience.

Teachers have a ball, too, and gain valuable techniques as they participate. Don’t wait. This is an expert, ready for your kids and professional development workshops for their tired teachers young and experienced.

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